Free Market Education is the platform of the future.  Neighbors helping Neighbors.

Users will be able to view courses, and course details.
Students will search the courses they are interested in, and take the ones they desire.

Teachers will offer classes on subjects they are familiar with, things they are able to do or they excel at.

FME is an entirely user created content system; It is the Free Market.

Once a student applies and a teacher accepts the students then the class is “in progress” this is the period between acceptance and completion.

Users are rated by other users, so users with experience have been vetted by other users.

Teachers and Students act as independent contractors and the FME platform serves as the connection for these relationships to form.

FME works as an intermediary between instructors and students to build a mutually beneficial relationship. Students grow in knowledge and experience through the hand of a talented instructor. The Instructor molds the students and cultivates their natural drive. After mentoring the student, the instructor builds not only a great relationship, but a possible contractor for future projects.

FME is a social network dedicated to transferring generational knowledge from one person to another. FME connects hard-working instructors to equally hard-working students. You’ll have at your fingertips a network of professionals ready to help meet your goals.

The goal of FME is to create a generational knowledge platform where artisans from any field can grow and preserve our cultural knowledge.

FME is the education platform of the future on which teachers and students will build profiles that showcase their talents and interests. It provides everyday users with the real-world experience and knowledge needed to solve everyday tasks. Our teachers are able to transfer their knowledge to the next generations, and capitalize on it at the same time. Teachers will be able to offer classes and set their rates and fees schedule and enter into contract with individual students. Students will be able to browse, apply for and attend offered courses which they will pay for and rate. Teachers and students act as independent contractors on this platform, the platform only acts as a hub to make these connections.

FME provides structure for a Free Market education system in which certified and non-certified instructors and teachers can offer their skill, knowledge, and abilities in a firsthand education experience.

FME gives access to local experts and skilled persons and lessons to those of us needing and wanting those particular skills and experiences. Teachers create, offer and conduct classes with students willing to participate in the class and pay any class fee.